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After several years of experience with large international firms on both sides of the Atlantic, CFD Law’s partners have seen a strong demand from their clients for legal benefits adapted to new economic realities.


Reflecting today’s global marketplace, our lawyers are admitted to practice in France, the United States and Germany.

Flexible, pragmatic, efficient

True to our vision, we are committed to providing the highest quality services while remaining firmly committed to our flexibility, pragmatism and efficiency.

Practical, effective and timely solutions

Our lawyers are exceptionally well versed in the complexities and subtleties of cross-border legal issues and commercial transactions. We are firmly committed to delivering timely, effective and practical legal solutions

Partenaire privilégié qui vous apporte une assistance précieuse en France et à l'étrange



CFD Law’s solutions are carefully crafted to match the specific needs and culture of its clients.



We pride ourselves on our ability to quickly slice through the legal and regulatory thicket and cut rapidly to the essential issues while mastering all of the finer details.



Responsive and determined, we are dedicated to helping our clients achieve their most ambitious goals.

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